Sep 4, 2010

engineer fortune in China

i 've been worked in shenzhen for almost 1 year. My Company do not well in China so far. Then i sometimes think about the real relationship between corporation and its employees. When a company performs well, and can make promise to workers about professional perspective, bonus, etc. , they will work very hard within her. But if the company go declining and lost its direction in the merciless market, such as fabless semiconductor about mobile computing, what should the individuals do? insist? go to find next employer? or just maintain dull work and wait for the uncertain bankruptcy compensation? and further, what is a Good path for a software engineer in the mobile computing chip field in current China?
Working in a big foreign company can make a stable income, though it cannot defeat the high real state price in China's major cities in which big companies locate. Working in a small company making SHANZHAI products can make more money, but with bigger risks what your girlfriend or wife do not like.
So what, just R&D by yourself and head on.

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