Aug 27, 2008

Cherish every moment when we alive

i am not sure When will this blog be filtered by the Great Firewall . Thanks to Olympic game, internet blocking in mainland China loosed temporally. But now, game is over, maybe free surfing will end too.
we just like some kind of people with deadly disease who must every minute inform himself that devil will call him anytime, anyplace...
beyond above dooming fate, what we can do now?
just cherish every moment when we alive.
thread scheduling....

I like my work very much. I like we colleagues not just say but everyday do.Everyday is challenging, and nobody gave up . What an excited life like this!
work and life mixed , and forming an beautiful being style.
Every night before going to bed, there always were progressive dot-and-drops can be summarized. And then I will report to my heart what get or lost today and why. when life and work goes rationally like a CPU -sometimes tuned by emotional intelligence of which the computer lacks .

Our Adam project was prepared for several mouths, and now bosses have gone to shenzhen to contact with the first potential client. -sorry, i was leaking the company's commerial secret....
anyway, despite successive difficulties waiting for us, we will try our best, check one by one, make a stable and flexible solution in the end.
And then, we will also become real powerful engineer and real powerful techinical development team.

These days , i have read the history of Unix , BSD , Linux & open source movement from the Wikipedia-maybe it also became the GFW victim again.
i really was thankful to Amoi that when I was an employee there, allocated me little job and absorbed in the Linux kernel code for almost half year.
when I was freed from the everyday work , I will thoroughly check the Unix kernel again. But i don't know when.

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