Oct 4, 2008

my long holiday report

maybe this is the most senseless long holiday of all I consumed...
last month 's 28th day, all members of our Platform Team had lunch on the first floor under our office, for Japanese lunch, then Eric flew to Beijing
Mr. Kim said that We just should work more time to meet the
 tight schedule of Adam project, but long holiday is about National decree. He also said he can't command other guy
s' overtime work, he just do overtime work himself, seems pityful ,right? 
Mr.Kim wanted a package of full code before holiday. since we can enjoy our seven days' holiday just after lunch, even after lunch we continued working in office because of some glitchs obstacling code release. 
About PM 2 o'clock, Wood and I went out from Far East International Plaza. He would go to Xi'an the next day to make intimate relation with his girlfriend. By
 convenience, he could fetch two packages of cigarette with Yan'an brand for me. 
Wood & I departed at the cross of Shuicheng Road and Xianxia Road where office members had dinner the day before.
Ok ,now , what Could I do ? 
Just go back to residence first. I purchased a Sanlian life weekly of which  the cover story was about xi'an qujiang cultural construction-but I haven't read it detaily until now...
What did I do after ? I can't even remember. just some clips of Taiwan talk show-Kang Xi Lai Le remained in my memory. 
the 1st day, 29th , Sep: 
brushed my notebook, bought some life necessities:batteries for my alarm clock, some coffee, wet paper (for notebook brushing, can be easilly confused with  sanitary napkins used by girl if not carefully checked , at least for me... and I am really don't understand the difference between sanitary napkins and sanitary pads, who can tell me ? )  
This day I cooked the dinner by & for myself. 
the 2nd day, 30 th, Sep: 
I found a very depressing f
act, My Thinkpad R60 could not charge its battery & sometimes, high-pitch noise sounded. 
Edric flew from Shandong this noon. After lunch, He fell into sleep all the afternoon. what About I? Just surfing on the internet to find some tip or solution for the high-pitch noise problem,
 but no result. 
This day , we made dinner by & for ourselves. 
3rd day, 1st , Oct: 
we had planned to go to Xujiahui reviewing some gadgets-mobile phone, book or something like that. but fact failed to meet plan. i ate the remains from the last dinner for lunch and Master kong for dinner. I went to bed very late , when woke up in the next day morning ,sorry, afternoon, He had disappeared. ok, This has extended to the next day 's description. 
4th day, 2nd, Oct: 
I had spent all time to watch TV. 
Thanks to Shandong Satellite TV, for the first time, I was seriously absorded  in the famous TV comedy drama-Ma Da Shuai 2. Then I should declared that Zhao benshan and Fan wei should be deemed as the most great actors in contemporary Mainland China. and a 
beautiful and pure young actress trapped me: Mengzhen.
5th, 3rd, Oct: 
yesterday, continued Ma Da Shuai 2, and I've found two movies seen when I was young, Wild wide and silent trigger
6th, 4th, Oct: 
today, continued Ma Da Shuai2.
After tomorrow, I will , accompanying with other guys, resume to be full speed with Adam project. 
maybe as to me , long holiday is not a very good form of welfare. 
In these days , there are other things made me impressed. 
On last week's Southern weekly , what-nation-do-for-me-and-vice-versa discussion made me impressed. And on the same edition, there was a passage talking about the political differences between Democratic Party and GOP in America. And what a pity, I still can't very accustomed with reading WSJ online. 
I had hand-written a letter to a girl whom I courted all this summer . I think i will  scan this letter into picture format, then send to her by E-mail. In this letter , I had said:
being loved is possible for forture, but loving  is the premise for fortune. 
but premise is just premise , it is far from forture , which I had not further clarified. 

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