Dec 11, 2008

World is ning (拧) other than ping (平)

oh my God, 2008 almost slipped away. If in some Unit of Junior English for China. Li Lei or somebody like that will say:
how time flies...

yes , how time flies . Since I departed from College and then entered in This number crunching work 3 years ago, if not by accident, my life has been more linear. Linear life, in which rationality defeats passion, logic overruns literal, routine bypasses story. And i even make end-year report every year like communist bureaucracy . love became-like Nash in beautiful mind, do not senselessly flirt ,just go to the direct point of intercourse and some kind of fluid exchange...-also sequence execution.
love ,love , all you need is love , Beatles told us.
Life like this seems more safe, no curve-because Thomas *** concluded that the World has been already flatted. the safe net for life comes from no-work insurance , medical insurance , healthy body and professional skill. love at least including "fluid exchange" was sidelined as by-product, friendship too. Family tie a litter better. it is the fortress to escape from failure of love and all other mess.
economic crisis should tell us more things than being familiar with the most frequently quoted word in mainstream media-"bail-out". in a post-Totalitarianism society, individuals must do more such that he/she can live better. all duty and load will fall on your shoulder in this fragile social public service system and unreliable governmental trust-Of course, if not count on any moral belief , you may make wild fortune through sneaky ways.

is 2008 an important year to me ? Or is there any year important to me ? do I seem better than before? 2008 as to me , is -Coding , reading , keeping fit, scrimp and save- how I hesitate to do it when I'm sixty-four? I can't predict any difference will emerge from the next year.
I just wish in next year, when somebody titled me "software engineer" or any positive predicate added to it, i will feel more granted.
if any girl compromises to "fluid exchange" with me other than slap my face on this request, seems more better.

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