Feb 8, 2011


For many times, I made decision to write a blog entry every day. Like my so many decisions made before, it has gone to nothing. Even though, today I can sit down to do a little fulfillment. Without internet connection, I will write it on My ThinkPad T400 workstation, and then upload to Blogger when online.
Why I need to write blog in English? 1. To enhance my Writing skill. I will join in a U.S.A. company soon, so writing in English will become a must. And my further perspective is technical leader, and then H1B visa, then permanent residency, then naturalization. 2. There are too many things or ideas I do not like to share my friends or colleagues, at least at current time. That not means they are shabby, they’re just a little confidential, or seems like shy secret. 3. But they are not private enough so that I protect them totally offline. So I can write them in English and publish on Blogger which was always blocked by GFW, and almost domestic people won’t bother to get access.
I am still on my Chinese New year holiday now, strictly speaking, I am in the unemployment status. My labor contract with former employer Core Logic already ended on 31. Jan. But as the offer from my new company indicated, I will join Newport Media on 12. Feb. Core Logic China just remains 4 employees, 2 of them are Koreans. When I first decided to join Core Logic 3 years ago, I didn’t check its position in that current industry situation & didn’t check its potential in the future mobile semiconductor competition. After our team developed the feature phone co processor turn-key solution but get little market profit, Core Logic China laid off excellent engineers, and move its business base to Shenzhen to focus on consumer electronics. As some experienced colleagues predicated, Core Logic China lost its way even in that dangerous moment. So we started a year-long senseless wandering. When external business failed, managers started internal struggle. No one want to take responsibility, so managers came and gone, But situation not improved.
Core Logic in China, this can be a title of the book which described the history of a Korean company grown up, prosperous & whither in a more grand picture in which the hardware structure of a mobile phone is more and more converging as a single SOC, and Taiwan & Chinese mainland semiconductor companies are making Japanese & Korean ones eclipsed because of cheap labor price, more integrated localization and the decreasing threshold of IC design.
How international companies survive in China? First of all is localization. Management, product orientation and human source all need to be localized. After all, their purpose is making profit in China. Who control the financial, human source, or R&D authority is not important. Core Logic should study from Yahoo!, eBay, Google, Microsoft…
After all, I want to appreciate Core Logic a lot to nurture me to be a really mature engineer. Now I can’t boast myself as a powerful engineer, but I can proudly announce that I dare to make any software, GUI, middle ware, device driver, boot loader…
I have passion in my mind to anticipating join in Newport Media. Passion is an instinctive reason why one bothers to change job, I think. Newport has a very excellent RF&IC design team in Los Angeles, California. There still are strong market demands for Mobile TV. After regulating policy adjusted, Chinese CMMB market will rocket up. Although how the tri-play will be implemented on the mobile multimedia field is not clear, the cell network cannot swallow the mobile TV in the foreseeable future, at least because of technical limitations.
What’s the difference between AE & FAE? AE means Application Engineer, while FAE means Field Application Engineer. AE will more focus on application development, while FAE will more focus on software porting and debugging for customer. As an AE in Newport Media, I will be responsible for Mobile TV software solution for different platforms, MTK, Spreadtrum TD-SCDMA, even Android. I like this kind of job, I feel great!
Other than software, there are many things I am interested to know more, IC design, RF design, Hardware system design & layout, graphic design, even financial management & investment.
Ok, 2011, March on!

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